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Fleming_UMEM Footbal Int_07.jpg
University of Memphis Indoor Football Practice Facility
Memphis, TN

As part of the University of Memphis Athletics “Time to Shine” Campaign, Fleming Architects were tasked with designing a state of the art practice and office facility that would not only bring all coaches under one roof, but would be a place of pride for the team and coaches, and a showcase space for recruits and their parents. The 108,000 sf facility boasts a full 100 yard conditioned indoor practice field, a team dining room, a team training room with therapy pools, new coach’s locker rooms and a tutoring section for the student athletes. The coach’s suite was designed to afford the head coach and each of the defense, offense and position coaches private offices and individual conference rooms outfitted with the latest technology for reviewing game tapes, scouting upcoming opponents and strategizing for the next game. The finely appointed coaches offices, conference rooms and the recruiting lounge all overlook the indoor football practice field.

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